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Jul 9, 2013 7:00am EDT
. there are fears the country's thant deficit is far worse previously estimed. stability is key to a revival. >> from my point of view, we have the demonstrations to get the economy [indiscernible] hoping to get into a common opinion everyone agrees about. will not encourage foreign investment or political trust. it is not the atmosphere for free and fair elections. the army is surrounding the protesters encampments. unless a compromise is agreed soon, more violent confrontations looked likely. and that is the concern now with forces in deadlock and confrontationnd calls for what the muslim brotherhood calls and intifada, all the risk of more violence at a time when tensions are already running high. on the other side of cairo in tahrir square, people have been gathering that with a very different message, saying the military had to act last week to restore the revolution. now, are competing camps trying to reclaim the mantle of the revolution while all the while concern grows for future stability here in egypt. we will keep an eye on all of the developments. anin the immediate future, inves
Jul 9, 2013 7:30am EDT
.6%. they slashed the budget deficit by $214 billion. they say it should get to $759 billion. >>> softbank is looking to make a full-fledge launch into the united states, on the verge of acquiring the third largest american carrier, sprint nextel. a boost by clearwire. company's shareholders agreed to become a wholly owned subsequent -- subsidiary of sprint. softbank has been approved by regulators. it faces an uphill battle to gain an edge over rivals, though. sprint's base is only about half that of verizon and at&t. >>> the world's first credit card was in the united states in 1950. the cards have become ubiquitous and completely have changed the way people pay for merchandise. more merchants than ever can accept credit cards these days. that may also be the case here in japan. a u.s. firm has developed a system that allows ve s merchan accept credit cards. the new payment service is called square. many small business owners can't afford to implement the traditional credit card transaction systems but the point of sale gadget square could help make them more competitive. >> it's been fa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2